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Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
Innovative financial strategist, ACTAX collaborates nationwide, reshaping businesses with tailored accounting solutions. A tech-driven approach fuels accelerated growth. Expertise includes meticulous bookkeeping, precise budgeting, and timely financial statement preparation. Proven ability to ease tax season stress. Elevate your business with ACTAX for a future-focused financial edge.

“It’s widely known that financial expectations and best practices are in a constant state of flux. Staying ahead of the competition requires a commitment to innovation. We collaborate with businesses across the nation to reshape their financial strategies, implementing customized accounting solutions that set new standards. Our services revolve around technology, innovation, and creativity—a proven formula for fostering rapid business growth.

Why choose ACTAX for your BOOKKEEPING needs?

  1. Organized Records: Organization is paramount to business success. Our bookkeeping service ensures that your financial information is well-organized, allowing you to access crucial data whenever needed. The systematic arrangement of records simplifies the retrieval and presentation of information.
  2. Accurate Budgeting: Bookkeeping significantly streamlines the budgeting process. Through meticulous organization of income and expenses, evaluating financial assets and expenditures becomes effortless. With a well-maintained budget, you can plan for future expenses and support the growth of your business.
  3. Up-to-Date Financial Statements: Essential financial statements—Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement—are regularly updated. Reviewing these reports provides valuable insights into your business’s financial performance, ensuring accounting accuracy and maintaining financial stability.
  4. Prepared for Tax Season: With our bookkeeping service, all your financial information is readily available for tax season. Keeping your books up-to-date eliminates stress during this crucial time of the year.
  5. Clarity on Business Targets: Regular bookkeeping allows you to stay on top of your finances and maintain accurate records. With precise data, you can map out your goals and achieve unstoppable business growth.

Our bookkeeping service includes:

  • Entering all Bank and Credit Card transactions.
  • Reconciling General Ledger with Account Receivable/Accounts Payable and Sub Ledgers.
  • QuickBooks Desktop and Online services.
  • Reconciling Bank and Credit Card Accounts.
  • Preparation of Cash and Accrual Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Financial Statements.
  • Generating Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, and Statement of Cash Flow.”