Payroll Services

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Payroll Services

Do you get a little more irritable around the time you need to file your own payroll taxes? Haunted by that one incorrectly entered number in your dreams? We take the worrying out of every step. From the constantly-changing legal climate to the meticulous double-, triple-, and quadruple- checking of every data point, we’re happy to take on the burden.

A well-executed payroll is a complex, labor-intensive function of owning and operating a business which many companies accidentally funnel unnecessary expenditures into. Payday is an exciting time for employees, but the day payroll is due for submission can be a source of great stress for a Human Resources department or an independent, overworked small business. Actax can take the pain out of payroll; we take on the stress so you can focus more on what matters.

Hiring Actax’s team of highly qualified professionals will reduce the cost of payroll processing.

  • Save Time: There’s no need to pay a yearly salary for a payroll professional, no need to outsource the work to your human resources and accounting department, and no need for you to try to take the work on by yourself.
  • No Loss: Whether you’re losing money in time, labor, or salary to ensure payroll is processed correctly and on time, we can ensure you never incur that kind of loss again.
  • More Time: We take on the work so that you and your team’s hands remain free for more important projects.
  • Convenience: Our team members are experts at data entry, current and evolving local laws, and the most updated software. You’ll never have to learn, train, or teach another thing about payroll ever again. Simply get us the information, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Payroll Services Include:

  • Preparation of weekly, biweekly, or monthly paychecks.
  • Detailed paystubs
  • Sick, vacation, holiday pay accruals
  • Federal, State, and local tax calculations.
  • Multistate Payroll
  • Federal and State Tax Deposits
  • Preparation/assistance with Federal and State registration forms
  • Worker’s Compensation Audits
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Quarterly RT6 (Florida Department of Revenue)
  • 941s (Internal Revenue Service)
  • 940s and 944s (Internal Revenue Service)
  • Annual W-2 and W-3 processing
  • Annual 1099 and 1096 processing

Actax will make sure that you’re covered so you can make sure your employees, customers, and clients never get pushed to the side. Watch your business grow and thrive while we work for you in the background.

Income Tax Preparation

Are you feeling confused, baffled, and tired when it comes to preparing your personal or corporate tax returns? Are you trying to find some tax planning and preparation strategies that could help you minimize tax liabilities while maximizing your cash flow?

Whether you need help with Individual Tax Preparation or Corporate Tax Preparation, we would love to assist.

Wait! Why to hire experts, when I can file my own taxes?

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around tax preparation. Like many aspects of the modern age, filing your taxes has become a victim of the human quest for convenience and instant gratification. Many automated websites have claimed to be faster, easier, and more effective than hiring a tax expert. Then, they advertise a paid service that includes a personal accountant at a higher price. Even the services that focus on do-it-yourself tax-prep eventually admit that the best way to complete a task as vital as preparing your tax returns is by hiring professionals. The cost of convenience is exponential in this age, but the benefits of hiring an accountant to make your tax filing experience stress-free, doubt-free, and as lucrative as possible are undeniable.

The expert team at Actax Financial spends quality time to understand your business (and your finances), applying years of knowledge and expertise to set you up for the best possible return. We use our in-depth knowledge of tax codes and state-of-the-art tools to prepare accurate tax returns. We ensure your tax returns are filed on time to avoid any penalty charges.

We’re small business and self-employment friendly, and our expertise extends beyond a one-time tax return. We help you prepare and set goals for financial freedom that will last a lifetime.

It’s time to stop seeing filing your taxes as another chore to tick off of your to-do list. Our experts can help you realize the potential of high-quality tax planning and filing. Give your family (and your business) the gift of a stable, financially free future by contacting Actax today to speak with one of our qualified professionals about how we can help build your success for the long term.

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